In Memory

This is a memorial for people who have died in custody across Canada since the year 2000. People who have died this year appear across the screen. For all people added since 2000, please scroll below to view by province.

Michael Graham

Sébastien Chamberland

Victor James

Nicholas Job

Cassandra Fox


Kinew James

Gilles Auger


Peter Paul

Tommy Veevee

Thomas Heit

Steve Serré

Patrick Langevin


Gary Donald Johnston


Melvin Miller

Anthony Chatzimanolakis

Sarah Rose Denny

Dean Michael Devenny

Said Egal

Marc-André Gaudreault

Jason Gagné

Richard Beaudoin

Renald Lepage

Oliver Murdock


Damian Hawley

Norman Rosenblum

Sylvain Duquette


Serge Gagnon


Serge Gagnon


Trevor Stewart

Jean Leduc

Robert Osmon

Vuk Peric

Thomas Straub

Danny Croxen

Michael Laverne Wentworth

Douglas Gordon Martin

Colton Patchinose

Alexis Simon


“Where life is precious, life is precious.”

— Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Information & Resources

Add To The Memorial

This is a living memorial, which means it will continue to grow and develop over time. We are working on updating information on an ongoing basis. This is currently only a partial list of deaths in custody. Please get in touch with us to ask add a name, for a name to be removed, or to report an error or correction to a death in the memorial.

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