A list of resources and supports for families, community members, researchers and advocates.


Supports by Jurisdiction

Losing a friend, a loved one, a community member, is traumatic. The circumstances surrounding a police-involved death can magnify this impact. Personal, family or community experiences of discrimination and serious injury or death can also create complex additional layers of trauma and grief. If you or someone you know is struggling with the death of a community member or loved one please take a look at our list of resources and services by jurisdiction.

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Resources on Police and Carceral Violence

Other projects that track or discuss police-involved killings and deaths, and resources to support advocacy, research, and more.

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Support for Family & Friends of Victims of Police Involved Deaths

Family members and friends of police involved deaths are also victims whose emotional, physical and spiritual wounds are often obscured from view but require support to cope with the death of their loved one(s).

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