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This living data set currently lists details about deaths at the hands of police across Canada when force was used.


Our Methodology

Due to ongoing systemic issues with a lack of access, transparency, and consistency in reporting data on police-involved deaths and killings across Canada, tracking this issue is an imperfect and challenging process. Indeed, one of the purposes of this project is to shine a light on these issues. Due to limits of what is known and available, we make no claims that the data presented here is complete.

Our methodology is a work in progress. Due to the limits of what is possible with relying on inconsistent media and government sources, we aim to be as transparent about our process as possible.

Explore The Data

Use the filters to search and customize the data. Use the download button to explore your data selection in spreadsheet format. Please note that when downloading any Excel or CVS files that victims names will be included.

Contribute To The Data

As a living database we are always looking to ensure the information is accurate and up to date. We welcome collaboration and insight to improve our methods and data on deaths and killings by police and in custody across Canada.

If you have information about a new death please let us know by reporting a new death, or correcting reports in the data.

Because the information in this database is verified through publicly-available sources (e.g., government reports, press releases and reliable Canadian media sources) we will often be unable to include information drawn from social media or other unpublished sources. All new reports will be verified before being posted to the database.

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