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Add Information About A Death

Add or correct information about a death already in the data set.


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Our project is working to ensure the accuracy of our data, and that we are respectful of the individuals and communities impacted by police violence. If you have more information about an incident that is already included in the data set please help us by answering the questions below.

If the information you have concerns a death that does not currently appear at all in the database please fill out this form.

Please fill out as much of the form as you can, and leave blank the fields you are unable to answer.

This is the number in the first column in the data set. To view please visit
(First, Middle and Last)
Please include links to the media or government reports or other sources this information was obtained from. If information is not online please make sure to provide details on how to access the source of the information or give us your contact information at the bottom of this form so we can follow up if necessary.

Tracking (In)Justice is a project of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Data and Justice Lab of the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Carleton University, the Ethics and Technology Lab at Queen’s University, and the Centre for Research & Innovation for Black Survivors of Homicide Victims (The CRIB) at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.

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