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24 Apr 2024

Trevor in a yellow timberland hoodie.

10 Feb 2023

Understanding the Data: Historical and Contemporary Context of Policing, Colonialism and Discrimination

A broad review of the contemporary and historical context of policing, discrimination and colonialism in Canada

10 Feb 2023

Police-involved Deaths are on the Rise, as are Racial Disparities in Canada

A look at recent trends in police-involved deaths in Canada

10 Feb 2023

A Look at Police-Related Deaths by Jurisdiction and Type of Force Used

A closer look at police-involved deaths by province and territory, and type of force used

10 Feb 2023

December 2022 Report: Ontario Deaths in Custody on the Rise

New report has shown that deaths in custody in Ontario have increased 173% from 2010 to 2021. This post summarizes some key findings and discussion from the report

Photo of prisoner cells by Emiliano Bar
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